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Can I come visit?
Yes! We have a brick and mortar location inside of Lexington Pet Place. We have most available animals displayed on our first floor where they can be viewed by the public. Larger, sicker, older, and quarantined animals, along with overflow are located in our lower level which is not open to the public. We are not always able to accommodate being able to hold, pet, or play with animals while we're working unless you've made an appointment to do so. All of our supplies and equipment for sale are always available and ready for purchase during business hours. Our hours for surrenders and adoptions slightly differ from what is displayed here due to the time consumption and attention to detail needed for these events. 
Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm
Friday-Saturday 9am-7pm
Sundays 12pm-5pm

Does BRRR offer shipping?
Yes, as long as the weather permits safe shipping.  The definition of safe can vary by species.  Temperatures must remain above 50 degrees Fahrenheit overnight for shipping to occur for ANY species. Larger or heavier animals, older animals, animals with special needs or physical limitations, and any animal determined to be a poor candidate for being shipped will not be available for shipping. This is non-negotiable.
Shipping costs are paid by the adopter. 

Can I ship an animal to BRRR for rescue?
Yes, as long as the weather permits safe shipping.  The definition of safe can vary by species.  Contact us if you are unsure.  Please also use only shipping containers and materials designed for reptile safety and notify us to expect your pet. Shipping costs are paid by the owner and surrenderer. 
We use and recommend! 

Is there a time limit for how long an animal can stay at BRRR?
No.  Animals may stay as long as it takes for them to overcome any medical or behavioral problems and find the right adoptive family.

Is BRRR a no-kill shelter?
Yes.  We will never euthanize animals because they have been here too long or has exhibited poor handleability. We will only humanely euthanize an animal who is in severe pain with poor prognosis and has no medical possibility of recovery.  

Do you hold/reserve animals?
No.  Our goal is to get each animal into the right family as soon as we can.  This means that we can't just hold onto an animal while you decide or find a good time to make the trip. NO prepayments are accepted under any circumstances, unless shipping is involved. If you don't have an appropriate permanent enclosure available for the specific animal you're applying for, the animal will be unable to leave our facility until one has been purchased AND assembled with all necessary substrate, heating, lighting, etc.

Do you offer tours or educational visits?
We can offer tours of the publicly viewable portion of our rescue and can schedule educational visits when staffing is available. We do not offer tours of our quarantine and overflow areas or the farm where larger animals are housed over the summer.

Can I volunteer?

Yes....but.... We will hold well-planned and coordinated volunteer events as necessary once or twice a year. We are NOT able to supervise children and teenagers, and do not offer independent positions for them to volunteer in our facility. Please follow along on our social media accounts to see when we may need extra hands. 

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