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  • Katana

    Katana is a little hippo of a leopard gecko who’s approximately four years old. She’s lost quite a bit of weight in the 6 months that we’ve had her, but she has a long way to go! She was being fed huge amounts of insects every day and was lethargic and bloated upon arrival. We’ve been monitoring the fatty deposits under her front arms (she’s got chesticles!!) and while they’ve become less taught and fluid-filled, they’re still obvious.

    Katana now has better mobility, decreased odds of liver failure (although she’ll always be at higher risk), and had adapted to her VERY strict diet…begrudgingly. She’ll need frequent interaction and to be enticed to exercise and move more to live a long and healthy life. A larger enclosure is preferred, with hides and clutter spread out to urge more movement.

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