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  • Shakti

    Shakti is an amazingly gorgeous one year old Yellow-Headed Asian Water Monitor. She’s still got plenty of filling out to do before she’s done growing, but is already quite the handful. She’s incredibly strong, VERY clever, and has tons of energy. She has figured out our personalities, weaknesses, and schedules. She CAN open her 8x4x4 enclosure all by herself, and her flexibility and speed is extraordinary.

    She requires at LEAST AN 8x4x4 enclosure WITH LOCKS, a formidable hide, lots of UVB, large basking area, deep substrate, and enough access to water for her to bathe, swim, drink, and ultimately defecate. Yes, she ONLY poops in her water, so access to a utility drain and easy water refilling source or the world’s best and highest capacity filtration will be needed. Bowls are NOT an option.

    Please research this animal THOROUGHLY prior to completing an application. She will not be permitted to leave the rescue until a qualified and fully-prepared habitat is completed and ready.

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