Interested in adopting a reptile?  Many of our available animals are listed on the "Available Reptiles" tab, but newer animals may not be up yet.  Please visit our Facebook page or contact us if you don't see the perfect critter.

If you would like to adopt any of the animals seen here or on Facebook, please complete the application form below.  Our goal is to match each animal with the perfect home.

Adoption fees may vary for individual animals, but general guidelines are below.  Fees may be more for large or difficult animals or for rare morphs.  

House geckos/small lizards: $15 to $25

Bearded dragons/leopard geckos/medium lizards: $50 to $100

Large and/or rare lizards: $50 to $250

Snakes: $35 to $250

Non-native turtles & tortoises: $35 to $200

*Because of state regulations, we cannot charge a fee for adoption of native or naturalized turtles.  However, because the feeding, housing, and medical care of all animals adds up, we encourage you to make a donation to the rescue when adopting one of these turtles.

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