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Interested in adopting a reptile?  Our available animals are listed on the "Available Reptiles" tab.  New animals are posted as they arrive or are cleared from medical holds. If the animal is listed as available on this website, the animal is still available. 

We do not offer "holds," "down-payments," "pre-payments," or "reservations" on any animal. 

If you would like to adopt any of the animals seen here, at Lexington Pet Place, or on Facebook, please complete the application form below.  Our goal is to match each animal with the perfect home. 

Fees may be higher for large or difficult animals or for less common morphs. Adoption fees are our primary source of revenue that goes towards veterinary care, high quality diets, supplements, appropriate heating and lighting, adequate habitat setups and maintenance, and the care and keeping of each animal through all stages of surrender, treatment, recovery, and home placement. 

Please be as detailed in all of your responses as possible so that we can ensure each animal goes to the most prepared and qualified home. There are often multiple applicants for an animal, so your completion of this adoption form allows us to determine the best fit for each animal. All adoptions are first come, first served (for APPROVED and prepared applicants).


If you have completed adoptions with us before, a new and detailed application must be filled out for each and every animal. Please read and address all portions of the form.



Here are some industry minimums that we require for the various common species we have available.

Exceptions can be made for special-needs, elderly, or unique individuals or less common species.

Leopard Geckos, 36X18X12. though more climbing height is preferred by many Leos. We do require UVB for these as they are cryptic baskers and DO metabolically benefit from UVA/UVB. 

Bearded Dragons, 4X2X1 (90 gallons), though 4X2X2 is more common and preferred. High output UVB/UVA, intense desert basking light, and ambient heat projector as needed to maintain temperatures. 

Ball Pythons, Adults (2+ years) 4X2X2 (120 gallons). UVA is optional, but daytime basking area and light is not. Must be able to maintain proper humidity and temperature. Juveniles (<2 years) 36X18X18.

Sulcata Tortoises: INDOOR overwintering/brumation enclosure 8X4X4 with heat and UVB and available burrowing substrate of at least 24". OUTDOOR 20'X20'X4', though more is always better. There must be no chain-link fencing, widely spaced fencing bars, or fencing that the tortoise can see through. Solid wood, stone, concrete, or brick are best. This is a 100 year commitment, so a durable and escape-proof PERMANENT design is the ONLY approved habitat.


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