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Donate to the rescue 

Many reptiles require medical care when they arrive and all animals need food, housing, and proper lighting.  The cost to care for animals often exceeds our adoption fees.  Only through the efforts of the local community can BRRR be self-sustaining.  

Donate Goods

We always have needs at the rescue!  Items we can use include:

  • Larger tanks and habitats (especially front-opening)

  • Horizontal light fixtures

  • Bulbs

  • Heat mats

  • Hides and climbing objects

  • Food and feeders (greens, insects, live or frozen rodents)

  • Paper towels

  • Shelf liner 

Donate Money

All donations go directly to food, housing, and medicine for rescued animals. 

You can also help support our rescue by donating or purchasing used reptile equipment.  Contact us for more information!

Help Save A Reptile Today!
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