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Surrender an Animal

We are located in downtown Lexington, Virginia. Our main concern is the well-being of each animal.  As long as we have space available, we will accept animals in any health condition and at any age, regardless of owner circumstances.  

We do not offer pick up or transport of any animal from any private location.  All animals MUST be safely transported to us by the legal owner. The only exception is transfer from another legally authorized animal rescue facility.

Space at our facility is at an all-time premium. Unfortunately, we cannot not hold spaces or accommodations for animals not in our care. We do not board, pet-sit, foster, or offer free veterinary care for animals not surrendered to Blue Ridge Reptile Rescue.

Due to new laws and  regulations, we will no longer be able to take any animals of species that are native to or naturalized in Virginia.

Red Eared Sliders are entirely illegal to possess in any number for any reason in the state of Virginia. We are unable to assist in rehoming this species. Contact with an out-of-state entity capable of accepting aquatic turtles or humane euthanasia are the only unfortunate options. (

***We currently do not have the ability to accept any aquatic turtles or iguanas in our current location.***  

Please use the form below to submit a request for help or to surrender an animal.  

We will contact you shortly. Please be patient. Thank you!

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